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Saturday, May 26th, 2018

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    Like all EU web sites I need to comply with the GDPR rules on privacy.

    This site does not collect data, and I no longer take user registrations. I still retain a list of previously registered users in case there is any query, but I have no intention of sending out mailings and have never given the details to any third party. This file will be deleted seven years after I closed registration.

    If you make a donation via the PayPal button I will send you an email thanking you - after that I will NOT bother you or send out any unsolicited emails. Again, I will not be passing details to any third party.

    I should probably point out that PayPal keep their own records, and I have no way of knowing what they do with them.

    Finally, I think that XKCD has it about right:

    Many thanks!

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