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Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

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    Forgotten Futures Charity Update, future plans
    Since many registered wanted me to give money to charity rather than sending them a partial refund I've just donated £210 to Cancer Research UK, taking the total amount donated since I started supporting the charity to £2300 - additionally they get gift aid on that, currently 25% so that £210 ends up as £262.50

    I'm looking at future plans for this site and Forgotten Futures generally, and as an interim step will probably add a tip button and make the 2010 version of the FF CD-ROM available as a free download (directly and via bittorrent) later this month. In the longer term I'll be adding more material and integrating the FF CD-ROM contents (with new material) into the site.

    Watch this space for more information as things develop.

    Usual warning - if you are reading this on my old NTLWorld site PLEASE use or instead! I no longer have any control over this site and can't delete it, and can't be sure that downloads are safe.

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