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Monday, May 9th, 2016

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    Forgotten Futures Shareware Registration Ending
    I've just sent this email to all current registered users:

    Dear Forgotten Futures User

    As you probably know, it’s more than five years since the last release
    of the game - while I’m still trying to work on another release, I’m
    increasingly doubtful that I can realistically promise to get anything
    out in the near future. There have also been recent changes in
    European and British tax law which would require me to request two
    proofs of country of residence for each registration I take (including
    renewals of existing registrations) and charge 20% VAT on all
    payments; previously my turnover has been below the threshold for VAT
    to be levied.

    Since registrations have barely paid for the costs of my web site over
    the last couple of years, and I don’t want to invade user’s privacy,
    I’ve decided to end shareware sale of Forgotten Futures. My current
    plan is to put all of the contents of the Forgotten Futures CD-ROM on
    line later this year, with a “tip jar” button for voluntary donations
    if visitors find it useful. This doesn’t require me to collect
    personal information about visitors or collect VAT. My aim is to add
    new content periodically, including new games material if I write it.

    Since there won’t now be another release of the game in its present
    form I want to refund the portion of your last registration fee that
    was an advance payment:

    £5 for users who downloaded releases
    £6 for British users who got releases on CD
    £6.50 for European users who got releases on CD
    £7.00 for users outside Europe who got releases on CD

    If you would prefer to donate some or all of this money to charity
    (Cancer Research UK) I will be happy to add it to the funds I’m
    collecting; 20% will be added as gift aid when it’s paid to the

    Please contact me to confirm your current email address for PayPal and
    receive payment, or donate it to charity - if I don’t hear from you I
    will send a PayPal payment to your last registered email address at
    the end of May.

    If you know any other CURRENT registered user, e.g. of Forgotten
    Futures 11 and Forgotten Futures CD-ROM Release 7, I would be grateful
    if you could check that they've received this email; I'm pretty sure
    that it will be stopped by some people's spam settings.

    Thank you for your patience

    If you should have received this please contact me - I'm aware that several of the email addresses have bounced messages, for privacy reasons I can't name the people concerned. I'm delighted to say that this has already raised £51 for Cancer Research UK in about 45 minutes!

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