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Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

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    Bundle of Laughs
    Diana: Warrior Princess is one of several RPGs included in the Bundle of Laughs, a collection of comedic RPGs on sale, partly in aid of charity, until April 14th 2015. The basic starter payment of $6.95 gets you
    - Murphy's World
    - Critical! Go Westerly
    - Diana: Warrior Princess
    - Elfs

    An additional payment ($15.36 and up) gets you
    - Kobolds Ate My Baby
    - Low Life: Rise of the Lowly
    - Bob, Lord of Evil
    - Demon Hunters

    You'll need a Drivethru RPG account to download the games

    10% of the proceeds after gateway costs will be donated to the charity Reading is Fundamental.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are seeing this at my old Ntlworld site please be aware that I no longer have any way to maintain the content, or ensure that it doesn't carry viruses. Please go to or instead!

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