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Monday, November 11th, 2013

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    This year's Dragonmeet adventures
    I've just been reminded that I haven't announced the games I'll be running at this year's Dragonmeet in London on December 7th.

    Adventure title: Pyramid Scheme
    System: Forgotten Futures
    AM Slot
    4-6 Players, pregenerated characters
    Summary: In the aftermath of the Sirian invasion there are some unusual opportunities for entrepreneurs. Some of them seem too good to be true... but why on Earth would the government pay anyone to dismantle and ship a pyramid to Mars? This is a test of a new setting and scenario and some delays and problems are possible.

    This is another test of the setting for Forgotten Futures XII.

    Adventure Title: It's The End of the World As We Know It...
    System: Diana: Warrior Princess
    PM Slot
    4-6 Players
    Summary: The world is ending, the human race is dying... and the adventurers need to get to the one place on Earth that gives them a hope of survival. If they all pull together they might even make it... but as usual things really aren't that simple. This is a test of a new scenario and system variant and some delays and problems are possible.

    This is another test of the Fanfic RPG variant of the Diana: Warrior Princess rules.

    Hopefully this will be a lot of fun, if my voice just holds out, and I hope that I'll see some of you there.

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