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Saturday, September 21st, 2013

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    More new articles, and one that got away for now
    At the prodding of Roger Todd, who has gone through vast quantities of old magazines so that you don't have to, and suggested some material I'd previously missed, I've been putting some more Victorian and Edwardian articles on line. As always open them in a new window/tab, some of the illos are big! Please let me know if you spot any typos, OCR errors, etc.

    From Pearson's Magazine:

    The Gentle Art of Killing. A "light-hearted" history of rifles, with some interesting predictions of their future.

    A visit to the Yerkes observatory - The Greatest Telescope on Earth by Walter George Bell

    A look at transatlantic cables, including pictures of the "telegraphic alphabet", punched tape messages, equipment used to lay cables and receive messages, etc. etc.

    Under Water in a Diving Torpedo Boat - an 1899 account of the Holland submarine and a brief glimpse of French experiments.

    And from The Strand Magazine

    An engagingly loopy and (despite appearing in April 1903) I suspect seriously-intended) proposal to build an enduring tomb and monument of the Empire in London.

    And one that got away...

    An article which I unfortunately couldn't put on line is The English Home of the Future, from The Strand Magazine in 1903, which contains contributions by several eminent architects and an essay by H.G. Wells. Unfortunately Wells is still in European copyright and the current copyright holders want me to pay £100 to use it, so it isn't going to happen until September 2016, when his copyright expires. If this article happens to be on line in an area where it doesn't violate copyright laws please let me know, and I'll add a link to it.

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