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Thursday, June 27th, 2013

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    The Original Flatland Role Playing Game (The Flattened Remix)
    Sales of The Original Flatland Role Playing Game, which is sold in aid of Doctors Without Borders, have been slow recently. I've decided to try an experiment; I've put the complete game rules and two adventures on line as a free download, omitting another adventure and some adventure outlines, the cutout characters, the wargame, the "serious scientific stuff", the novel, etc. I'm hoping that this will be enough of a "taster" that people will be tempted to buy the complete game. It's a bit over a megabyte download, accessible here:

    If you like it, why not buy the complete game from e23 or Drivethru RPG and support Doctors Without Borders?

    And don't forget that there's a Forgotten Futures / Flatland crossover adventure in The Forgotten Futures Compendium:

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