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Thursday, January 24th, 2013

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    On the 22nd of January my sites (and I believe others at the same hosting company) were hacked by someone using an FTP exploit to access files with the name index.htm and replace them with a Javascript Trojan. This didn't come to my attention until the afternoon of the 24th, for which many apologies; I hope that nobody has had a problem as a result of this. If you did try to access my sites and got a blank page, I must urge you to run a full virus scan immediately! Fortunately this should not have affected direct links to most of the fiction, articles, etc. on the site; almost all of the pages affected were used for navigation around the site, not contents.

    I've now gone through the sites and restored all of the damaged files I can find; I believe that everything is now working properly, but if you notice any broken links etc. please bring them to my attention. Please let me know at once if I've missed any of these Javascript pages.

    To prevent this happening again the hosting company has disabled FTP file uploading, from now on I will be using the secure FTPS protocol. I've also changed all passwords and made them considerably harder to crack, and deleted email accounts which are no longer used.

    Once again, my apologies; I hope that everything is now OK and will do my best to keep it that way.

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