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Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

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    Postal Price Rises - April 2011
    Postal prices are going to rise again in April, and it's likely that I will finally be forced to raise prices for overseas customers. Prices for UK customers should not change.

    Please note that any price changes will apply to postal sales only - download prices will remain unchanged.

    If you're planning to register or re-register, please think about switching to downloads; it's faster, cheaper, and better for the environment.
    Untitled mail
    Apologies if you just received an untitled email from me via Drivethru RPG, advertising Forgotten Futures XI - due to a problem generally known as being an idiot I fouled up my first attempt to send it, and somehow deleted the title the second time. This is NOT going to be a frequent occurrence - I don't plan to send any more advertising mail until I launch another new product.

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