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Thursday, April 30th, 2009

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    Download the FF CD-ROM and save!
    UK postal prices have risen again. Because postage is now by far my biggest expense, I've decided to try offering the Forgotten Futures CD-ROM as a download - a 450mb zip file. The price is £2.00 off the normal UK registration fees, £3.00 off the normal overseas fees:
    • £16 instead of £18/£19 for a first time buyer
    • £10 instead of £12/£13 for a previously registered user who buys the CD for the first time
    • £6 instead of £8/£9 for a repeat buyer.
    Anyone who registers will be sent a username, password, etc. for downloading it, good for 48 hours. If for any reason you need to download the same release again that will be free, but you'll have to request a new password. When the next release of the Forgotten Futures RPG is ready you'll be able to download the distribution disk contents in the same way.

    For the moment this offer applies to the full Forgotten Futures CD-ROM only; if things go well the Charity CD-ROM will eventually be made available in the same way. A lot depends on how big an effect this has on site bandwidth, and whether it becomes necessary to upgrade to a more expensive hosting account.

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