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Sunday, August 31st, 2008

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    9:57p on line
    I've set up a new Forgotten Futures web site:
    This joins
    my personal site, and
    which is primarily a download site for Forgotten Futures RPG material. At the moment the .org site has more or less the same contents as the .com site, eventually I plan to add much more. It's likely that if all goes well will eventually point to this site and the old site will be closed.

    Since the site and servers are based in the UK I'm hoping that I will be able to resolve any problems much faster than has been the case with the current - there's also a small legal advantage, in that some minor copyright problems that have arisen because that site is based in the US would not have caused difficulties if it were in Europe.

    For the moment (and probably for the future) you need to do nothing about any of this, it's just something that will be going on in the background. Eventually direct addresses of some of the RPG and support material may change, although I'll do my best to avoid that.

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